(NRS) Retinol Roller 10ml Bee Och

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• Retinol is proven to be the most eective OTC product
for reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
• Unlike most, our Retinol is VEGAN sourced
• Our retinol is also OIL soluble so it doesn’t cause redness
or peeling like water based products AND doesn’t require
toxic preservatives (because why rid wrinkles on the
outside if you’re slowly just poisoning the inside?)
• Apply at night after Vitamin C + Peptide Facial Toner to
help skin utilize Vitamin C + Peptides

Anti-Aging Trio is an aging
womans best friend! Apply
Vitamin C + Peptide Facial
toner, then retinol roller,
then Organic Night Elixir for
the ultimate nighttime age-fighting
routine. see the difference

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