About Iris & Rainbow

A bit about me...I am a mama to three amazing little boys, two fur babies, and wife to my fantastic husband of 20 years. My journey started in the small and beautiful country called Albania. I grew up in a world where unless you were a size 2 you simply were not accepted and not good enough. After having my first child, I fell deep into postpartum depression and lost all the self love left in me. I spent years of my life being consumed by my weight and what others thought of me.  I was ashamed, timid, and had zero self confidence. Until one day I decided to let go. I made the choice to let go of my fears, insecurities, and years of thinking I was not good enough simply because I did not fit the "standard."

As a result, Iris & Rainbow Boutique was created.  You can call it self revolution if you like! A safe place for all women of all sizes. A place where women just like you and me feel at home and free to be who they are. Yes...proud of our bumps, rolls, and our amazing bodies big and small.

So...you do you girl, and own it with confidence no matter your size!