#P331 Sunstone 2” - 3” Obelisk

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  • Sunstone Crystal Tower will uplift and purify the energy (if its point is not damaged), so you can place it in any area that needs to be re-energized with strong energy. Length of this tower / wand / obelisk / point is 2" inch to 3" inch.
  • Crystal point configuration provides focus for energy that is invigorating, re-balancing, and protective. If you place your crystal tower in an area with dense, low energy, be sure to cleanse your crystal often.
  • Sunstone Crystal wand configuration enhances the metaphysical and healing properties of the source crystal. A crystal point is a powerful crystal tool. When placed facing away, the crystal point directs energy outward.
  • Crystal Obelisks amplify energy and focus it through the apex. They help to attain mental, physical, and emotional balance. It is thought that obelisks help dissipate negative energy, making it a useful shape for locations like the workplace, or any room in which there may be stress or conflict.

You get a random 2” - 3” sunstone obelisk. Please Note size and shape may vary.

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