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The most advanced technology on the market: the Cozy Kit is waterproof and wireless. Cozy features blue light therapy and dual light therapy.

You can receive a whitening session and oral care treatment all in one with our dual light therapy setting.

The Cozy Kit is very special to us. Wanna know why? WATERPROOF! The Cozy Kit is fully waterproof which means you can use it in the shower, pool, etc. The Cozy Kit has an internal timer that shuts off the device after a 15 minute session and is totally rechargeable. Come get Cozy with our bestie, Cozy. 


Sold and recommended by dental professionals and educators. 
Vegan Friendly
FDA Cleared


The Cozy Kit includes 1 light, 1 charger, 1 shade guide, 1 instruction guide and 3 smile pens.


Below are the Use and Charging Instructions for our Cozy Kit: 



  1. Brush your teeth (optional but recommended)
  2. Dry teeth with cotton ball, tissue, etc. (optional but recommended
  3. Twist your smile pen from the bottom until gel rises to the top. 
  4. Using the brush tip on the smile pen, paint each tooth you wish to whiten until there is a light layer of gel on each tooth. Try to keep your lips off of your teeth.
  5. Place your mouthpiece in your mouth comfortably.
  6. Tap the power button once for blue light therapy, tap again for red light therapy and tap once more for dual light therapy.
  7. The automatic timer will shut off after a 15 minute session.
  8. Happy whitening!

Power Button:

Depending on which model of the Cozy Kit you own, your light may have a special power button. If your device does not function off after tapping once more after the dual light therapy setting, you have Model 1: The button must be held down for 2 seconds. Tapping once lightly will quickly switch settings if the device is already on, so to turn on and off, we recommend pressing a bit harder with more pressure for about 2-4 seconds. This will trigger the device to turn off.  If attempting to turn off in between light settings, wait about 3-5 seconds and gently press the power button for the 2-4 seconds. It shouldn't require much pressure.



  1. When your device is in need of charging, the device will blink blue.
  2. Attach the charging heart to the back of the device.
  3. The device will blink blue until it is fully charged.
  4. When fully charged, the device will emit a constant blue light.

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