#L292 H-Proof Hangover Vitamins (Packet)

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Ever have a drink (or more) and wake up with a headachage, feeling foggy, or with an upset stomach? Alcohol metabolism is key, not dehydration. Enzymes in the liver metabolize aLcohol turning it from a toxin to harmless substance. As we *ahem* mature, we make fewer enzymes, slowing our metabolism. By promoting the enzymes that power alcohol metabolism, we can actually neutralize more toxins. 

This is a packet that contains 2 chewable tablets.

How to use: 
Chew two tablets after every 5 or fewer drinks.

A formula so good, it's patented (Patent No. 11,096,904)
B Vitamins
Promote enzymes that power alcohol metabolism
Vitamin C & Zinc
Support the immune system and cellular health
Liver Supporters
Promote healthy liver function and metabolism
Hydrate and help rebalance the brain, heart, and body

Why H-PROOF works
H-PROOF promotes enzymes that power alcohol metabolism, helping you turn alcohol and its related toxins into harmless substances.
It also replenishes the vitamins and electrolytes you use up in that process & provides a ton of other good stuff that supports healthy brain, liver, and body function.

Our founder, board-certified surgeon Dr. Linda J. Kaplan, MD, combined her medical expertise with global scientific research to support your body in three critical ways
Supports alcohol metabolism
Promotes liver health
Restores vital nutrients

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