#Charlie Topical Oil BEE OCH

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Size: 4oz Glass w/ Dropper

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Nope, we didn't accidentally add more zeros! Our C*D Topical Oil is specifically formulated with a generous strength (nearly as much C*D as the oils will hold) for those that require a more widespread topical effect than balms or salves can provide. Use as an all-over body moisturizer, massage oil, calming temple rub, or apply across your neck and shoulders for a peaceful night sleep. Enjoy! 

Made with fast-absorbing and deep penetrating organic base oils, high-frequency and antiinflammatory frankincense, arnica, and lavender that bring the C*D deep into the skin and get to work quickly. Light and pleasant organic scents and non-oily finish. 

Large 8oz Glass Pump Bottle - 6,000mg - 1 Full Pump = 50mg C*D

Smaller 4oz Glass Dropper Bottle - 3,000mg - 2mL (approx. quarter size amount) = 50mg C*D 

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